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Texas Orthopedic Hospital

Texas Orthopedic Hospital, in partnership with the physicians of Fondren Orthopedic Group L.L.P., is led by a team of more than 150 physicians. Supporting this team is a board of trustees that includes respected physicians and community business leaders.

The board of trustees helps evaluate the hospital’s delivery of health care, and assists with the development of new programs. The goal is to ensure our patients receive the most advanced, cost-effective health care, close to home.

  • David Loncarich M.D.,
    David Loncarich M.D., Physician Member
  • Thomas Mehlhoff M.D
    Thomas Mehlhoff M.D., Physician Member
  • Gary Brock M.D
    Gary Brock M.D., Physician Member
  • Cynthia Calder M.D
    Cynthia Calder M.D., Physician Member
  • Gregory Stocks M.D
    Gregory Stocks M.D., Chief of Staff
    Chairman, Medical Executive Committee
  • Eric Becker
    Eric Becker Chief Executive Officer,
    Texas Orthopedic Hospital
  • Matt Musil
    Matt Musil
  • Gary McGuire
    Gary McGuire
  • Troy A. Villarreal
    Troy A. Villarreal President,
    HCA Gulf Coast Division

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