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Dr. Hussein Elkousy wants each and every one of his patients to start living a pain-free life. He uses cutting-edge technology and minimally invasive procedures to ensure his patients get back to doing what they love at the earliest. Here is what his patients have to say.

  • Kira M K

    After Dr. Elkousy repaired my daughter's ACL LCL torn knee so beautifully, I went back to him first thing when my son broke his collarbone in a snowboarding incident. Once again we experienced an extremely positive pre-surgical and surgical experience with Dr. Elkousy and Fondren Orthopedic Group. The administration / staff / nurses / pa and doctor were attentive, caring, professional and talented - would definitely use him again. He has a peaceful, kind and very knowledgeable / professional demeanor. I highly recommend him for knee and shoulder injuries. The construction of the building was somewhat off-putting as it shut down one elevator, but the lobby staff were very kind and helpful and worked hard to help people get where they needed to be, and showed us other stairs and elevators to keep the interior traffic flowing.

  • Ralph W R

    The doctor is fantastic. Professional, fair, caring and honest. He was certain my MRI was going to reveal a torn rotator cuff. Instead he was very surprised to find a healthy shoulder but showing calcification. He injected me with a cortisone shot in hopes of breaking up the deposit and easing the pain. It's already feeling better and I'm scheduled to see him again in 3 months for a progress report. What a top notch doctor. Great doctor/patient communication and just a wonderful professional.

  • Susan M S

    Dr. Elkousy is an excellent surgeon! I wish I could give him more stars!! His kindness, compassion, and knowlege shines through from office visits to the operating room. Best bedside manner ever!!!

  • Iman K I

    He has taken care of my family and he is an incredible doctor. He is extremely bright, a skilled surgeon, and has an excellent bedside manner.

  • Wesam S W

    Best in Houston! I'm a physical therapist and seen the results. Highly recommended for knee and shoulder injuries with excellent bedside. Cherry on top is he takes the time to discuss.

  • Robert W R

    The best knee and shoulder doctor in Houston. After left knee surgery in 2008, I ran 10 marathons including Boston. Fixed my right shoulder in 2016 and I’m still running half marathons at age 65.

  • Phil J P

    Dr. ElKousy is a fantastic shoulder surgeon who fixed my damaged shoulder. I found Dr. ElKousy after a "LOT" of extensive research. He is truly the best Dr. in Houston to go see if you have a shoulder problem. He's also a fantastic human being who is professional and curteous in every way.

  • Juan Z J

    Great doctor hands down fixed my right shoulder back in 2011 and never got it dislocated again and went back to him when i needed surgery for my left shoulder.

  • Pdreiling P

    Excellent doctor, he has treated me for shoulder and knee problems. Great staff also.

  • Aditya V A

    Dr. ElKousy is very good doctor. He did ACL and meniscus surgery to me. And is very Professional.

  • Jarrett T J

    ACL reconstruction went very well. My knee got back to 100%, better than even before the complete tear.

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